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Jan. 28th, 2015 03:48 pm wel...

Holy crap balls I need a vacation or better luck

Current Mood: aggravatedaggravated

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Jan. 27th, 2015 01:14 pm Where did the time go

Holy crap it has been a long time since I was here.... wonders if anyone is still here?

Lets see as usual lots going on. Got a wonderful then the placed decided to close its doors after 70 years. Still here hopefully through March or untilI can find another job. So far no luck on the job front though.

Just before Thanksgiving my son almost died and was diagnosed as a type 1 diabetic. All is well on that front except for expenses and lack of sugar. He is doing well though and we have developed a nice pattern.

Teens are total butts and 5 year olds have serious attitudes. I love them dearly but wow I am surrounded by attitude. I will be bald this year.

Been trying since August to get on the ASOIAF board with no luck due to not remembering which email the account is with. Today I decided to set up a new account Ghosts Companion 2.0 but they are making me wait again for verification. WTF I know and I understand but it is a pain in the ass. sigh

Another day and another dollar, need to go earn it now.

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May. 16th, 2012 09:06 am Has it been a year??? boo my ramblings

As we edge closer to May 22nd I find myself growing anxious and emotional. No longer is my year from Jan 1st to Dec 31st, but it starts May 22nd.
Tragic events happen to someone else not me or my town, and I am a bit pissed that the tornado took away what little innocence I had left. Then having my dad pass away in March has been the icing on the cake.
I sit in a house with siding still ripped off and curled, no storm windows in part of the house and I get to look down the street at a destroyed hospital. I go to the park that is rebuilding but want the gigantic oaks back, not these upstart seedlings. Yes the park is coming along nicely but I have a sense of homesickness wanting what is no longer there.

I see old photos, news stories, fires, wrecks, and listen to radio and I can not help but think of what my dad would say. He critiqued the way these young kids handled all these things. I refuse to live in regret but I hate the fact that I missed so much with my dad all because of years of anger. After looking at old pics my dad and I took together, I want to save up money for an expensive camera and take real pictures again just as my dad did.
I am far from a moody creature, I laugh live and I enjoy life, but I also find myself getting misty eyed over everything. Then again I have a charming mix of tornado recovery, grieving over my dad, stress of school. I am like a witches brew. lol

In other news that is not as boring, okay maybe- I am about to get my associates in business and then start my bachelors in accounting in August. I still have a 4.0 average and I get some scholarships to help with expenses. My son is graduating elementary school and my daughter will start her last year of junior high in August. My son though hates to write and gives the teacher trouble. His testing came back showing he has an IQ of 158 in most areas ( verbal answers)of study yet only got a 133 when it dealt with writing the answers down. Can he write, yes, but boy is he stubborn. I worry about him in junior high but he needs to gain some maturity and work harder. My daughter has a photo on display at a local art exhibit and after they saw some of her sketching's have decided she can go into the adult art classes to learn more. It was great to hear professional artists gush over her talent.I cant wait to see how her sketches and paintings will grow.

IW (Josey) are doing great, many people in this area divorced after the tornado but we just got stronger. We are human and do snap at each other on occasion but over all we never fight and laugh and joke all the time. Now just to save money up so we can move closer to the DC area! I fell in love with Virginia and really want to move there as soon as possible. We do have to stay here for 2 more years though since invested a ton of money into my children's teeth via braces.

Ok enough of my boring life and time for me to gt back to business management class, I am the leader AGAIN on a group project. Joy

Current Mood: blahblah
Current Music: Sprout kids show

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Mar. 29th, 2012 09:39 pm Dad

As some of you know Sunday March 25th my father passed away on his birthday. Today we had his funeral.

He was an accomplished man, he traveled in an acting troop and acted with Meridith Baxter Bernie's mother, for a short time he toured as a concert pianist, he learned to fly a helicopter and a jet. While flying he even got in trouble for flying under the St Louis Arch. He interviewed John F Kennedy and traveled with him during his campaign train. He interviewed Elvis and thought he was a nice young man. If a celebrity was in the area he was one of the first who got to interview him and my sis and I usually got to come with him. Most were very kind to us and even played or talked to us too. I remember when my father interviewed Leonard Nimoy and we were playing all around him. Mr Nimoy never got upset with our antics and even sat and talked to me in great length about silly things.
My dad was a celebrity in this area and his voice inspired many to go into broadcasting. I will never forget his rich baritone voice, coming from his little skinny body. A voice that has not been heard since the mid 90's when is vocal cords where damaged in ICU.
I am glad we finally forgave each other even if we waited until his last few days.

Since I strongly believe in reincarnation, I like to think he is starting over and will inspire others and share his voice again.

Current Mood: draineddrained

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Dec. 31st, 2011 03:25 pm Ending of a year

All I have to say is thank goodness this year is over. It was not an extremely bad year but it did have its challenges and those I am glad to end the chapters on.
The year started off normal with the family planning our vacation to the DC area, and into spring things were pretty normal. That is until the tornado ripped everything apart. As everyone knows our town got hit hard with 1/3 pretty much blown to pieces. We were part of the destruction but our house is still standing though a bit bruised and battered. Everyone is rebuilding and as a family we are stronger than every before. I admit to still getting misty eyed and still having nightmares of storms. I am also pretty pissed that having always liked storms I am worried and not looking forward to the spring storms that bring the twisters.
In other news, I went back to college via online courses and have been kicking butt with a 4.0 average. I am going to go for my accounting degree and then get the heck out of this town and get a decent job.
Kids are growing like weeds and my oldest (12) is as tall as me already. Looks like she will be a lot taller than me once she reaches her full growth. My 10 yr old son is right behind her in growth and can now wear Adults clothes! The youngest (2) is still a munchkin at only the 1.5% for her age. She might be the only one in the house that will be small like me!
In my own milestone I lost 40 pounds in the year. I am not as toned as I would like to be but I have the year coming up to do that.I look at pictures and can not believe I let myself go so bad, thank goodness I lost the pounds. I think I will feel my best losing another 10 pounds and be able to keep up with the kids. I am happy that I am at the same weight I was in my early 20's though.

There were ups and downs to the year but I guess it is what we call life. I can at least say I lost a bunch of weight, went back to school, had a great vacation, love my husband more than ever,and lived through a EF5 tornado. Come on who can say they accomplished all those things in a year!
Cheers to everyone and hopefully I will stay in touch better this year.

Current Mood: accomplished

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Jun. 18th, 2011 01:56 pm Another day but where is my dollar?

So many thoughts on this day. First and most important I am officially the big 40. It is all a joke cause I dont feel 40 (okay maybe when I first get up)and I have lost enough weight that I am approaching the skinny zone. My hair is finally long again and I have less wrinkles than others my age, so no complaints from me.
The tough part of this b-day is, I leave the DC area and head back to the destruction of Joplin. Everyone keeps telling me things are getting cleaned up rapidly and our street is cleaned and my yard is back to normal, but what about 100 feet away? Will those houses be rebuilt, will my park be back to normal and again have the towering hundreds of year old trees shading it again? When I drive home will my street be shaded by over hanging trees and my view down the block be of trees and old homes. No it will not.
I will drive into a town still filled with volunteers all over the country, dump trucks down every street, and as I go down my street I will see the distant hills, that have not been seen since probably the 40's or 50's. I will drive by my childhood park and see nothing, just stumps and the remains of playground equipment. Not even the base of the gazebo is there anymore. I will see the empty and remaining rubble of my junior high and high school,along with the what is left of old home town business's. Am I ready for this? I dont think so.
I left almost 2 weeks after the tornado hit and have been gone for 2 weeks.I thought I would heal a bit, but instead I ran and stuck my head in the sand. Now the wounds are going to be reopened, and I will need to restart the grieving process. I was one of the lucky ones, I have a house and my family lived. But I did lose a part of my town, and people I knew and saw all the time. From the woman who helped me at Wal-Mart to the secretary I talked to all him at my daughters school.
I lost my joy of storms and the lack of fear when we were under watches or warnings.
All will work out though, once I get home and get busy taking care of my gpa and getting my house back to normal, I will start my road to recovery. My family will slowly stop jumping at every noise, and I will look at the bright side of life again.

Current Mood: optimisticoptimistic

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Mar. 13th, 2011 07:30 pm cough sniffle cough

Yep you guessed it, the cold is passing through my house. Everyone has it except my son. he never gets sick. I worked a book fair at my sons school and got a healthy dose of all kinds of germs handling money. grrr Of course since everyone is sick I am stuck doing everything. No sick days for the mom. Just a bit annoyed by the fact that IW keeps telling me how bad his throat hurts. I keep thinking "no Shit I have the same thing!" haha

So far since the end of Jan I have lost about 10 pounds. Hurt my ankle end of Feb so have been stuck at this one weight. grrr But just yesterday could start the full exercise program again. Hoping the pounds start coming off again. I am down to the weight I was when I went to LA, but want to lose 8 more pounds. Come on pounds fall off please!!!

Current Mood: frustratedfrustrated
Current Music: 1 yr old playing

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Dec. 6th, 2009 06:37 pm Blah teeth

For crying out loud will my daughter please get those damn teeth in.

BTW she is 4 months old today yep and still no teeth but teething like crazy. blah

Current Mood: bitchybitchy

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Sep. 7th, 2009 04:56 pm surgery YIKES

Go in to surgery tomorrow to have my tubal. I am a bit nervous now. They told me they give me an IV to slightly put me out then a tub goes down my throat. After told me that I was worried.
I dont have a clue what the recovery time is on this. Josey is taking a few days off to help though. But come on I had a kid and then was up and about so I am sure it cant be too bad.
Sucks though I have to pump and dump a for a few hours until I can breast feed my baby. sigh

wish me luck

Current Mood: anxiousanxious

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Aug. 23rd, 2009 07:32 pm Finally saw Xray

Martha you star!!!! Family came over to admire and adore Audrey. We had the TV on since Pheb was flipping through the channels. To our surprise and delight Martha appeared on my TV! Now she has more fans from the midwest! Of course I had to tell my aunt of the removal of her alien species, being that Martha reminds me of that very auntie.

Current Mood: amusedamused

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